The EASE Preparing for Pet Loss programme is an email service for people who anticipate the loss of a beloved pet. We offer free support prior to, during and after expected loss.

Pet loss may be anticipated because of terminal illness, increasing old age, euthanasia, or indeed any long-term or permanent separation due to, for example, the break-up of a relationship or other causes.

When we deeply care about our companion animals they become part of the family, and the thought of losing them or facing permanent separation for any reason is devastating. At EASE we recognise how important it is to prepare for the impending loss of a much-loved pet, and believe that everyone should have the chance to openly discuss the many emotions, worries and concerns that such a difficult time presents.

Our trained and experienced Pet Bereavement Support volunteers offer a confidential and friendly circumstance where a person can begin to journey towards settlement and quiet acceptance. Angela Garner, EASE Pet Loss Services Co-ordinator, says:

"We know from personal experience and from supporting people through pet loss how painful and difficult this journey can be. Everyone should have access to understanding and support, and we believe that if the person is as best prepared and as settled as possible it helps both the carer and the companion animal. Settlement is so important, and this comes through being able to talk and think things through, such as how to cope with the different emotions that arise."

Due to health issues our bereavement counsellors are currently unable to support new clients. However, please feel free to access all our support resources on this website.
You may wish to contact the Blue Cross who offer a national Pet Bereavement Befriending Service.
We are really sorry that we're unable to respond personally to you and we will re-commence our email support service as soon as possible.

Please note: All information offered by EASE, and the EASE Pet Loss Counsellor, is intended to be supportive only, and should not be interpreted as prescriptive or advisory, nor should it be seen as an alternative to medical care from a doctor or professional counsellor when required. EASE offers this support service without charge and will not be held liable for any misunderstanding that may occur to a recipient.

If you are under 18 years of age, please tell your parent, guardian or carer that you are in contact with EASE for pet loss support.

PLEASE NOTE: The EASE programme is a specialised service for people anticipating pet loss.
Pet owners who are looking for general pet bereavement support may wish to contact one of the national charities or other organisations who offer such a service.

EASE has a broad range of support literature which can be viewed on-line or downloaded free of charge. Click here to read and download our Pet Loss Support Sheets and to view our other support literature.

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